Yasumoto Hiroki as Takamine Seiichirou
Shimono Hiro as Takeda Rakuchou

to add to our current cast:

Nakamura Yuuichi as Kumou Tenka
Kaji Yuuki as Kumou Soramaru
Yonaga Tsubasa as Kumou Chuutarou
Sakurai Takahiro as Kinjou Shirasu
Miki Shinichirou as Kagami Naoto 
Suzumura Kenichi as Abeno Hirari
Satou Rina as Botan
Oohara Sayaka as Sasaki Kiiko
Noto Mamiko as Nishiki

The anime’s official site also updated with designs of the Kumou brothers! 

And it’s slated to air October 2014. 


KnB S2 Vol. 7 NG

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The kumo brothers from the official website!! 


Holy sweet mercy, KENN and Kakki, have been cast in DAIYA NO ACE! Along with Pappi! And Kawaguchi Sho, who I admit I’m not too familiar with. BUT with this I can finally imagine what the rest of the Inashiro team sounds like!!

I’ve been so exhausted lately, I didn’t think I had it in me but when I read this, yes… the screaming oh the screaming orz.

source: http://diaace.com/news/arrivals/1369/

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Ciel Phantomhive in Episode 3 


Magi Ikhtiar Event

The announcer (Yoshida Hisanori) asking why the group was doing infamous Jojo poses (Jojo Bizarre Adventure reference) when they entered the stage. Kaji explains why!

Announcer: That entrance scene right there, I never knew that Magi was giving off an Araki Hirohiko sensei vibe. Even though it was just an entrance.
(Araki Hirohiko is the creator of the famous Jojo Bizarre Adventure manga series)

Kaji Yuki: Oraora!

Announcer: Yes it gave an Oraora! feel. Excuse me, but was there a certain decision on who wanted to do it and who didn’t want to do it? 

Kaji Yuki: Well when the platform was rising… We were deciding on whether to do or not do a cool pose. Then he (Kimura) said, “What should we do?”. And in the end everyone was looking at Ryohei-kun being like “What should we do? What should we do?”. Then just by passing it barely, we ended up like this.

Announcer: So basically it was Kimura-sen who manipulated all of you. 

Kaji Yuki: That’s right.

Announcer: So it was him.

Kaji Yuki: Using his black rukh to manipulate us.

(Audience shouting and clapping)


Yoneda Sensei’s fanart for Sousuke in “Free!” collaborated with Ponyo calling out “Sousuke!! I like you!!”. This is her recent Moe, although she thinks her style doesn’t match the original.

She says she’ll stop now, or her editor will stab her.. I guess she is still in a midst of submitting a draft .. for Saezuru?!

from Yoneda Kou’s twitter 13 July 2014

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Haikyuu!! Volume 4 → Bonus Chapter


Kuroko No Countdown: Day 09 » The Generation of Miracles

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"I’m a selfish and Self righteous human being! 

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